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Keble College is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal data.

Privacy Notices

These notices explain what personal data Keble College holds about you, how we use it internally, how we share it, how long we keep it and what your legal rights are in relation to it.

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There are some instances where we process your personal data on the basis of your consent. These notices set out the categories and purposes of data where your consent is needed.

Alumni, Donors and Friends Privacy Notice (pdf)
Applicants and Prospective Students Privacy Notice (pdf)
Archives and Library Privacy Notice (pdf)
Conference and Events Privacy Notice (pdf)
Finance Commercial and Related Administration Privacy Notice (pdf)
IT Functions Privacy Notice (pdf)
Non Academic and Academic Staff Privacy Notice (pdf)
Security and CCTV Privacy Notice (pdf)
Staff Applicants Privacy Notice (pdf)
Student Data Privacy Notice (pdf)
Website Privacy Notice (with Cookies Policy) (pdf)


Records of Processing Activities (ROPAs) include significant information about data processing, including data categories, the group of data subjects, the purpose of the processing and the data recipients.

Alumni, Donors and Supporter ROPA (pdf)
Applicants and Prospective Students ROPA (pdf)
Archives ROPA (pdf)
Conferences and Events ROPA (pdf)
Finance, Commercial and Related ROPA (pdf)
IT Functions ROPA (pdf)
Library ROPA (pdf)
Security and CCTV Activities ROPA (pdf)
Staff and Senior Members ROPA (pdf)
Students ROPA (pdf)
Website User ROPA (pdf)

Data Sharing

Third Party Data Sharing Table (pdf)

Legitimate Interests Assessments

Archives LIA (pdf)
Applicants and Prospective Students LIA (pdf)
Students LIA (pdf)

Other GDPR Related Documents

Data Protection Policy (pdf)
Information Security Policy (pdf)
Subject Access Request Form (pdf)
CCTV Policy

Past Versions of Privacy Notices

➤Alumni, Donors and Friends Privacy Notice: v 1.1 (pdf)
➤Applicants and Prospective Students Privacy Notice:  v 1.1, v 1.2 (pdf)
➤Archives and Library Privacy Notice: v 1.1v 1.2, v 1.3 (pdf)
➤Conference and Events Privacy Notice: v 1.1, v 1.2 (pdf)
➤Finance commercial and related administration Privacy Notice: v 1.1, v 1.2 (pdf)
➤IT Functions Privacy Notice v 1.1, v 1.2 (pdf)
➤Non Academic and Academic Staff Privacy Notice: v 1.1, v 1.2 (pdf)
➤Staff Applicants Privacy Notice v 1.1, v 1.2 (pdf)
➤Student Data Privacy Notice v 1.1, v 1.2 (pdf)
➤Website Privacy Notice (with Cookies Policy): v 1.1, v 1.2 (pdf)